Subwoofers of PA Speakers

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  • JBL EON718S 1500W 18″ Powered Subwoofer


    The JBL EON718S Powered Subwoofer cranks up the volume to handle up to 300 people. The EON718S is compatible with any full-range speaker, but it really shines when combined with the EON700 series powered PA speakers. The integrated DSP processing includes simple settings that assist working musicians, educators, performers, and A/V providers in fast obtaining powerful, clean, and clear sound.

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  • JBL IRX115S Compact Powered 15″ Portable Subwoofer


    The JBL IRX-115S Powered Subwoofer adds 1,300 watts of rafter-shaking power to your IRX active speaker system. The 15-inch woofer in this active subwoofer has a 3-inch voice coil and offers smooth, detailed bass end down to 35Hz. The IRX-115S has configurable crossover points at 80Hz, 100Hz, and 120Hz that are suited for IRX-series loudspeakers.

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