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Whatever your musical or entertainment ambitions, your experts at GigaSonic can provide experienced advice on the right computer audio equipment for you. It’s no secret that sophisticated audio technology is now critical for great sound and music creation, production and recording. But you don’t have to be a rocket engineer to turn your computer or notebook into a raging sound machine! GigaSonic’s carefully curated selection of computer audio and music recording equipment and software reflects our professional experience, expertise and choice for the best, most durable and appropriately priced products, tailored to your particular needs and goals. To learn more about computer audio, click on this PowerPoint from the University of Washington.

With GigaSonic’s range of exceptional, easy-to-master music software, mixing surfaces, audio interfaces and computer audio bundles you have all you need to unleash your creative talents and produce and record professional voice and music content. We only feature and sell music technology that delivers— sparing you the pain and confusion of wading through endless catalogues of equipment you don’t want or need.

Talk to us about what you want to accomplish with your computer audio and/or audio recording equipment— are you new to this stuff or a seasoned pro? Are you looking to take it on the road or record your audio at home? Are you linking up to video?

Whatever your audio or video tech ambitions, we’ve got a solution for you. GigaSonic is the music store with a difference— our West Coast location gives us prime access to the latest, best music equipment technology, used by some of the most successful talent in the business. We’re always on top of what’s trending in audio and video production while staying grounded in the real-world of what actually works in day-to-day, real-time performance!

And with GigaSonic’s 1-year Giga-Guarantee (read more about our warranty program) and our close, professional relationships with our manufacturers, you are assured you will get both our attention and theirs, quickly and effectively, whenever you need assistance, advice or tech support regarding your computer audio or music recording equipment. In short, we have your back!

What you won’t get, however, are pushy sales reps trying to sell you on music equipment or software you don’t need. We’re an independently-owned, high-tech, music equipment store— that’s all we do and we do it really well. There’s no big corporate marketing machine above us trying to push the latest gimmick or fad. We deliver the best in computer audio and music recording equipment that will fit your personal needs and budget. It’s as simple as that. Rest assured, regardless of your level of expertise, you will get the right equipment for you, at the right price (read more about our low price guarantee).

So tell us what you need, where you need it and when. We’ll get the right computer audio or music recording equipment to you fast and often even before you expect it! At GigaSonic we stand by our selection of mixing surfaces, music software, and audio interfaces and our clients. We are ready to work with you today.

At GigaSonic, we’re on it!

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