Microphones of Pro Recording

Recording Microphone

is the key to every recording. While any recording microphones will pick up sound, the proper mic for a given application can go a long way towards turning a great performance into a classic recording. Gigasonic stocks a range of recording microphones for the budget-minded and professional from top names including Audix, M-Audio, and Sony. We also carry a range of microphone accessories including clips, mounts, and wireless microphone systems.

Recording Microphones can be divided into two main categories, condenser microphones and dynamic recording microphones, and beyond that into vocal microphones, instrument microphones, and drum microphones. Professional engineers will often have a locker full of microphones on hand to ensure the right tool for any situation, but even just one or two quality microphones can yield an excellent recording when properly used. Let the experts at Gigasonic pro studio recording equipment help you select the right recording microphone for your needs and get it to you at the best price around.

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