Mixers of Pro Recording

Audio Mixers

combine pre-amps and line-level inputs with level, balance, and tone controls, enabling you to combine different musical instruments and sound sources together in an optimal “mix” suitable for recording. An essential piece of professional audio recording equipment, audio mixers range in the number of inputs, outputs, and onboard effects offered as well as the number and quality of pre-amps, which are crucial to getting good sound from vocals and mic’ed instruments.

A quality audio mixer is the key to any good recording. The MultiMix line from Alesis sound mixers combines a traditional audio mixer with a USB or Firewire computer audio interface for use with audio recording software, giving you the flexibility of mixing and computer-based recording in one compact, affordable package. Sony analog mixers and digital mixers are optimized for studio and multimedia usage, featuring rack mountable enclosures for durability and portability. Power your studio with a music sound mixer from Gigasonic and get the ultimate in sound, support, and savings.

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