AKG Perception 45 Wireless Microphone Presenter Set Band-A (530 – 560MHz)

AKG Perception 45 Wireless Microphone Presenter Set Band-A (530 – 560MHz)


The AKG Perception 45 Wireless Presenter Set - Frequency A / 530-560MHz is designed to provide lightweight, high-quality wireless lavalier miking at an affordable price for theatrical performances, presentations, talk shows and other applications. The SR 45 wireless receiver, PT 45 bodypack transmitter and CK 99 L lavalier microphone are all included in this vocal set.

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The AKG Perception 45 Wireless Presenter System flawlessly and accurately reproduces the sound of your voice. The CK99L lavalier microphone clips on fast for theatrical performances, presentations or talk shows and provides excellent clarity. This system requires less attention and allows you to concentrate entirely on your presentation.

The AKG WMS45 Perception wireless microphone system features bandwidths up to 30 MHz and extremely low-current transmitters, making it one of the most comprehensive systems in its price range.

The SR45 has an audio clipping and an RF signal LED for convenient system monitoring. Both a professional XLR and a 1/4′′ jack connection provide the best audio signal output. The receiver comes with a universal switched-mode power supply kit for usage across the world.

The PT45 is a tiny, durable analog high-performance wireless body-pack transmitter. The body-pack is compatible with many types of guitars, basses, instrumental pickups and headsets thanks to a professional small XLR audio connection. This transmitter is made for stress-free use on tiny stages, in churches and in conference rooms.

The PT45 has a gain control for fine-tuning the input level, as well as a noiseless on/off/mute switch. Before the battery dies, a battery-status indicator becomes red, giving the user complete control over performance time.

The CK99 L is a cardioid-polarized condenser lavalier microphone. Thi mic produces a natural sound with a small increase over 10kHz for additional clarity, making it ideal for usage in churches, lecture halls and theaters.

All these items are included with the AKG Perception 45 Wireless Microphone Presenter Set, and the set is value-priced right here at Gigasonic.

Item Includes

  • 1 x SR45 Receiver
  • 1 x PT45 Bodypack Transmitter
  • 1 x CK99 L mic
  • 1 x Universal Power Supply with US

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