Audix DP5A Drum Microphone Package

Audix DP5A Drum Microphone Package


The Audix DP5A is the ideal complement to a 5-piece kit's dynamic microphones for near micing. On a live stage or in the studio, all microphones operate equally effectively. This package includes a D6, Audix's flagship kick drum mic, two D2 rack tom mics, one D4 floor tom mic and one i5 snare mic.

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The Audix DP5A professional drum microphone package includes the kick, snare, rack toms and floor tom mics needed to mike a conventional rock kit. This assortment of dynamic drum microphones utilizes patented Audix VLMTM capsule technology for precise sound reproduction in very high SPL conditions, making them ideal for stage or studio use.

Individual snare and kick mics add the finishing touch to a great drum mic kit. The D6 and i5 excel at “close miking” due to their high SPL dynamic microphones. This microphone approach is essential to capture the drum’s assault and percussive sound. Furthermore, having the mic close to the sound source aids in isolating and controlling the sound of each drum. Two strategically placed overhead microphones record the kit’s transients, tone, and balance in a phase-coherent way.

This all-in-one solution for miking drums comes complete: microphones, rim mount clips and aluminum road case. Hear the difference and see what Audix DP5A is the choice of professionals.

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