Audix FireBall-V Microphone

Audix FireBall-V Microphone

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Audix FireBall-V
is well-suited for both chromatic and diatonic harmonicas. The FireBall-V is a dynamic microphone with sleek styling and a unique design. Audix FireBall-V features a dent-resistant ball grill with a deep red internal pop filter and is contoured to fit comfortably within the palm of the hand. A full-sized dynamic capsule of Audix FireBall-V featuring VLM (Very Lo Mass) technology provides big, full-bodied sound that is very clean and accurate. The FireBall is resistant to feedback and is capable of handling sound pressure levels in excess of 140dB without distortion. Made to be cupped, Audix FireBall-V will operate as if in an open-air environment even under the most demanding conditions. A smooth and uniform frequency response of 50Hz-16kHz and a cardioid polar pattern allow it to focus on the particular instrument being miked without picking up other instruments or ambient noise.


Dynamic moving coil transducer
VLM (very low mass) Type B capsule
Cardioid pickup pattern
Volume control
Aluminum housing
Anodized finish


Sensitivity: 1.9mV/Pascal @ 1k
50Hz-16kHz frequency range
150 ohms balanced impedance
Maximum SPL: >140 dB
Off-axis rejection: >23 dB
5 oz
3.9 ” length

Weight 3 lbs