Audix MicroBoom MB5050 50″ Carbon Fiber Boom System (2-Pack)

Audix MicroBoom MB5050 50″ Carbon Fiber Boom System (2-Pack)

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Audix MicroBoom MB5050 Carbon Fiber Boom System includes a 50″ (1270mm) carbon fiber rod that can be used with any of the condenser microphones in the Audix Micros series. Lightweight and able to attach to any microphone stand, the Audix MicroBoom MB5050 is a problem solver for many hard-to-reach miking applications, including choirs, plays, and orchestras.

For a broad choice of pickup patterns and frequency responses, you can use the MicroBoom MB5050 with a choice of capsules in the Audix Micros series. Audix employs high-quality shielded cable internally to ensure the cleanest audio signal path between the mic and the bottom of the boom. The boom terminates in a mini-XLR male connector.

The stand adapter is designed for total control over angle, rotation, and position of the carbon fiber rod. A metal thumbscrew locks the rod firmly in place. The final angle and position of the microphone is controlled by the flexible metal gooseneck just below the microphone. The MicroBoom MB5050 offers an ultra-clean, professional, and elegant appearance on stage along with exceptional performance and portability.


Lighweight, rigid

Portable, easy to position

Clean, elegant appearance

Exceptional sound quality

Choice of capsules

No external power needed

Attaches to any mic stand

Can be used horizontally or vertically

25″ shielded mic cable with Mini-XLR female XLR male connectors

Mic stand adapter with thumbscrew and wing nut adjustments


Material Rod: Carbon Fiber

Gooseneck: Steel

Connectors: Brass

Length of MB50: 50″ / 1270mm

Diameter: .20″ / 7.4mm

Bottom: Mini-XLR male
Top: Mini-XLR female

Weight: 2.5 ounces / 78 grams (without mic or clip)

Finish: Non-reflective black

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