BOSS eBand JS 10 Audio Player and Trainer with Guitar Effects

BOSS eBand JS 10 Audio Player and Trainer with Guitar Effects


The BOSS eBand JS-10 Jam Band system transforms any area into the ideal practicing environment. Your eBand JS-10 is the perfect guitar or bass trainer, making practice as simple as plugging in, playing your favorite tracks, and jamming along.

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The BOSS eBand JS-10 is small and portable, yet packs a punch in terms of performance. With powerful bass that can shake the room, a revolutionary onboard 2.1 speaker system produces rich, full-frequency sound for song playback and the built-in effects and COSMamps. Built-in trainer for guitar or bass, you will want to take this wherever you go.

Grab your guitar or bass and a microphone, connect to the BOSS eBand JS-10, and wow your friends, family and fans! Add your own collection of favorite music to play along with the USB or SD storage, or jam with a vast variety of onboard song tracks and audio loops. With the BOSS eBand JS-10, you can effortlessly modify the pace and key signature of the songs, as well as record your performances, with excellent results. A built-in guitar trainer makes it easy for beginner guitarists to practice wherever they are. eBand is a portable, all-in-one jam station with professional features and larger-than-life sound.

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