BOSS FV-30H Foot Volume Pedal

BOSS FV-30H Foot Volume Pedal


The BOSS FV-30H is a volume pedal with a durable aluminum die-cast casing that offers guitarists and bassists a space-saving alternative when integrated into their pedalboard setups. The pedal has a dedicated connection for attaching to a tuner and a smooth pivot motion that ensures modest volume adjustments are detected.

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The BOSS FV-30H is a high-impedance volume pedal with a dedicated tuner output that’s best used with an electric guitar or bass. The BOSS FV-30H was designed to save space on your pedalboard while still retaining the BOSS standard of sound quality, dependability, and longevity.

The BOSS FV-30H is a little foot volume pedal with a fresh new look. These foot volume pedals are made of 100% professional-grade aluminum die-cast and have a smooth pivot action that allows for fine volume control changes. Because of its tiny size, the BOSS FV-30H is ideal for touring musicians and gigging artists who need to make the most of their pedalboard space.

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