Boss GP-10 Guitar Processor with GK-3 Pickup

Boss GP-10 Guitar Processor with GK-3 Pickup


The BOSS GP-10 multi-effects guitar processor allows you to utilize your guitar to create a variety of guitar, bass and synth sounds, including the famous Roland GR-300! But that's only the start. Alternative tunings and 12-string sounds are also available, as well as a large range of COSM amps and effects.

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The BOSS GP-10 Guitar Processor is available with or without the BOSS GK-3 Divided Pickup. When you utilize a GK-equipped guitar, the GP-10 becomes an immensely powerful creative tool that enhances your production possibilities beyond any basic guitar processor.

When you connect your GK-compatible guitar to the 13-pin connector on the BOSS GP-10 multi-effects processor, you have access to a world of killer tones, noises and other tunings. To begin with, you may adjust between conventional tuning, drop tunings, open tunings and even your own custom tunings without ever having to touch your headstock. But that’s only the beginning. Then there’s the array of amazing noises that GK-3 makes available to you. The GP-10 has it all, whether you’re seeking for electric, acoustic, or bass tones. However, there are also amazingly realistic sitar, banjo, fretless guitar and synth sounds. When you combine them with your standard guitar sound, you may get some incredibly unique and creative results.

The GP-10 has an inbuilt USB audio/MIDI interface, so you can record excellent amp and effect tones with any axe in your favorite DAW. When you utilize a GK-equipped guitar, however, the GP-10 transforms into a massively powerful creative tool that goes well beyond any normal guitar processor. You may, for example, record the audio output of each of your guitar’s strings on individual tracks and treat them with the GP-10 or capture them dry for subsequent processing. When you record raw sounds in this way, you can not only re-amp the recordings using the GP-10’s amps, but you can also “re-guitar” the sound using the GP-10’s instrument modeling to convert it to anything you wish! The guitar-to-MIDI function allows you to stretch your creativity even further, using your guitar to play soft synths, capture MIDI sequences, and input MIDI data into notation software on your computer.

The BOSS TONE STUDIO program is available for free download and allows you to modify and organize your GP-10 patches on your computer. The program also gives you direct access to the BOSS TONE CENTRAL website through USB, where you may download an increasing number of free patches straight to your BOSS GP-10.

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