BOSS GX-100 Guitar Effects Processor

BOSS GX-100 Guitar Effects Processor


The BOSS GX-100 Guitar Effects Processor packs some of the finest amps and effects from their flagship GT-1000 processor into a small pedalboard that's ideal for gigging musicians. To create your distinctive tones, explore 23 AIRD (Augmented Impulse Response Dynamics) amplifiers and over 150 effects, with a total of 15 simultaneous effects blocks.

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The BOSS GX-100 Guitar Effects Processor combines powerful BOSS tone technology with sleek, ultramodern hardware design to deliver top-of-the-line performance in every situation. Explore 23 AIRD amplifiers and over 150 effects derived from the flagship GT-1000, and use the intuitive color touch display to create fantastic sounds in seconds. Up to 15 simultaneous effects blocks provide limitless tone choices, with onboard footswitches, an expression pedal, and external control support allowing for deep real-time control.

Thanks to BOSS’s AIRD technology and upgraded Tube Logic approach, the BOSS GX-100 produces a great tone and a true tube amp feel in every playing situation. Every GX-100 guitar and bass amplifier has AIRD built-in, and AIRD Output Select types help you fine-tune the sound for any destination, whether it’s an amp input, FRFR monitor or house PA. This guitar effects processor also comes with a variety of onboard speaker cabs as well as USB ports for importing your own speaker IRs.

The BOSS GX-100 includes eight configurable footswitches as well as an expression pedal with a toe switch that can be assigned to control almost any parameter. Players may go even farther with external control through footswitches, an expression pedal or MIDI by switching to Manual mode, which enables direct stompbox-like control. There’s also a connector for switching amplifier channels remotely using memory or a footswitch.

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