BOSS MT-2 Metal Zone Effects Distortion Pedal

BOSS MT-2 Metal Zone Effects Distortion Pedal


The BOSS MT-2 is the second most popular drive pedal ever, after the DS-1 Distortion. The capacity to generate thick, hefty crunch and singing sustain at any volume is a cornerstone to the popularity of this distortion pedal. The MT-2 pairs nicely with all sorts of guitar amplifiers.

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The BOSS MT-2 Metal Zone Effects Pedal produces terrifying distortion! You may show ’em your fangs with super-long sustain and powerful mids and lows akin to a stack of overdriven amps. Thanks to a three-band EQ, they may access a wide range of distortion textures.

With over one million units sold and counting, the classic Metal Zone effects pedal remains the king of high-gain distortion stomps for guitarists all over the world. Its rich, saturated tone is ideal for metal styles, but it also works well in other genres for strong rhythms and soaring solos. The versatile BOSS MT-2 provides an assortment of rich distortion sounds to every musical context, thanks to its exceptionally wide tone-shaping range and ultra-smooth sustain.

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