BOSS OD-200 Hybrid Drive Pedal

BOSS OD-200 Hybrid Drive Pedal

The BOSS OD-200 Drive Pedal elevates overdrive and distortion with next-level sound, feel, and adaptability. It offers cutting-edge sound  in a compact design that takes up less room on your board. Operation is simple and intuitive thanks to grab-and-go controls and multi-function switches, and you can store different sets in onboard memories for quick recall.
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The Boss OD-200 Hybrid Drive Pedal combines decades of BOSS tone knowledge with cutting-edge technology and elevates overdrive and distortion. With its 12 unique modes, hybrid analog/digital circuitry, three-band EQ, and potent pre- and post-boosts for incredibly precise gain sculpting.  This dream pedal can create any drive tone you can think of. There’s even a cutting-edge gate circuit on board that’s perfect for reducing noise and giving high-gain drive tones more ferocity and tightness.

Few things sound as sloppy when you’re not gating your signal as cranking up the level and chugging some palm-muted riffs on your guitar at high volume. Fortunately, you no longer need a separate gate pedal thanks to the BOSS OD-200 Hybrid Drive Pedal, which reduces noise and tightens your sound without muting your attack transients.

Want to increase the loudness of your overdrive or distortion? Set the boost to pre-gain mode. Want to overdrive your amplifier without affecting the tone? Set the boost to operate after the gain.  Many of these settings are customizable to your exact specifications and can be recalled on the fly.

With 32-bit AD/DA, 32-bit internal processing, and 96kHz sampling rate, all pedals in the 200 series offer excellent audio quality. They also support extra control via external switches, an expression pedal, or MIDI. There simply aren’t many guitar effects pedals that can pack the features like the OD-200.

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