BOSS Pocket GT Pocket Effects Processor

BOSS Pocket GT Pocket Effects Processor


The BOSS Pocket GT is a one-stop-shop for recording, jamming, learning new songs and performing live. This processor has more than 100 assignable amp, stomp and effects models in a pocket-sized portable device. The Tone Studio mobile app's integrated YouTube browser also has a number of excellent song-learning capabilities.

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The BOSS Pocket GT Pocket Effects Processor blends BOSS tones with YouTube learning via a free, compatible app. When you pair this pocket-sized processor with your smartphone or tablet, you can carry your guitar lessons with you everywhere you go. The BOSS Pocket GT has a high-quality guitar tuner, allowing for real plug-and-play performance and recording.

When you use the BOSS Tone Studio software, you can make song lists, set loop markers and do a lot more. You may also create killer guitar tones, imitate the timbre of legendary guitarists or create new sounds to show your individual sensibility. Other features of the Pocket Effects Processor include Bluetooth music streaming, USB audio interface support and more. The BOSS Pocket GT is always ready to rock thanks to a USB-rechargeable internal battery. Get up to four hours of battery life on a single charge.

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