BOSS RC-300 Stereo Loop Pedal

BOSS RC-300 Stereo Loop Pedal


The BOSS RC-300 Loop Station is used to create complex multi-part looping arrangements with its three stereo loops. Each of the three stereo loops may be operated independently and can hold up to 3 hours of phrases at a time. With the RC-300's three stereo tracks - each of which can be controlled individually - you may create, build and edit multi-layered loops.

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The BOSS RC-300 is the looper king. Three distinct stereo tracks, each having unique transport-control footswitches, may be recorded, played back and controlled. This loop pedal has a master expression pedal, a 3-channel mixer, separate volume knobs for each channel, 16 integrated looping effects and MIDI I/O, to name a few features. You may record up to three hours of continuous music to the internal memory of the BOSS RC-300, and you can add effects as you go. Your loops may be saved outside through a convenient USB connector. WAV files can also be imported and exported. The RC-300 has all of the connectivity you could want, including a phantom-powered XLR connector.

The RC-300’s pedalboard has an Expression pedal (which can be set to a number of parameters) as well as bigger footswitches for controlling each track’s REC/PLAY and STOP. A master ALL START/STOP footswitch is also included. Transpose, Flanger, Phaser, Modulator, voice effects and more are among the RC-300’s expressive onboard effects and processing. The onboard effects may be activated instantly using a specialized LOOP FX footswitch. You may play along with one of the rhythm patterns in the RC-300’s inbuilt library as you record to keep your loops tight and in time; the Loop Quantize tool helps keep your recordings looped in time. The BOSS RC-300 is quite popular at because of all of these features.

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