BOSS RE-2 Space Echo Pedal

BOSS RE-2 Space Echo Pedal


The BOSS RE-2 Space Echo Effect Pedal is a redesigned tape-echo effect that modernizes this vintage effect in a small chassis that is suitable for a pedalboard. This pedal delivers 11 alternative sound combinations, offering a plethora of vintage musical choices while faithfully reproducing the warm tone and sonic oddities that made the original so wildly popular.

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With the BOSS RE-2 Space Echo, the renowned RE-201 Space Echo effect is back in a small pedal format! The RE-2 Space Echo sounds fantastic with guitars, keyboards, and drum machines. It offers true multi-head tape echo effects with enlarged delay durations, the well-known spring reverb feel, and a ton of flexibility over effects parameters. The genuine stereo signal route is ideal for multi-amp setups and studio mixing applications, and an external footswitch/expression pedal input provides you creative hands-free control choices. The BOSS RE-2 Space Echo offers the recognizable Space Echo sound in a pedalboard-friendly style, ranging from rockabilly slapback to saturated dub echoes.

More than just colorful tape echo and beautiful spring reverb, the original Space Echo effects processor’s preamp stage is the untold story behind several legendary guitar recordings. In order to give your source signal more depth and presence, the BOSS RE-2 Space Echo accurately reproduces the harmonic signature of the original preamp. For further sonic sweetness on the way in, turn on the preamp modeling. Alternatively, you may leave your analog dry signal unprocessed to preserve the fundamental guitar tone.

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  • BOSS RE-2 Space Echo Pedal
  • 9V Battery

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