BOSS RE-20 Space Echo Delay Pedal

BOSS RE-20 Space Echo Delay Pedal


The BOSS RE-20 is a re-creation of Roland's RE-201 Space Echo, one of the most popular echo effects of all time. The original RE-201 Space Echo was released in 1973 and is now one of the most collectible vintage effects available. The warm, rich tape sound of the BOSS RE-20, combined with expressive hands-on control, is famous.

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The BOSS RE-20 Space Echo Delay Pedal perfectly reproduces the sound of the Roland RE-201 Space Echo, one of the most popular echo effects. With its COSM technology, BOSS has reproduced the RE-20 in a twin pedal with every nuance and every quality of the original. The RE-20 faithfully reproduces the RE-201’s iconic tape flutter and magnetic head sound saturation. Through various combinations of the three playback heads and reverb, the RE-20 produces 12 reverberation effects. Setting the delay time on the RE-20 is as easy as pressing the input pedal, and with a larger delay time than the original, you’ll have no trouble finding delay settings that suit your needs.

The RE-20 has control knobs for bass, treble, reverb amplitude, rate, intensity and echo volume, allowing you to create a range of expansive tones. A virtual tape display is also included with the RE-20, which displays a visual picture of a running tape.

The BOSS RE-20 may be powered by six AA batteries or a 9 VDC external power supply. The electronics are protected by a non-slip rubber base and a sturdy dual-pedal metal casing. Even when this delay pedal is not in use, a buffered bypass is used for quiet switching and driving lengthy wire runs.

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