BOSS WL-20L Wireless System for Guitars or Line-Level Devices

BOSS WL-20L Wireless System for Guitars or Line-Level Devices

The BOSS WL-20L is a wireless system that works with active pickup guitars and basses, as well as line-level instruments including keyboards, keytars and aerophones. The WL-20L is as simple to use as a conventional guitar cable, thanks to BOSS wireless technology and quick wireless setup. Ideal for performing on stage, jamming with friends and playing at home.
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The BOSS WL-20L is powered by revolutionary lightning-fast BOSS technology. This ultra-compact wireless system for guitars combines superior sound with plug-and-play operation, eliminating all of the difficulties that come with wireless systems. You’ll never go back to utilizing a regular cable after experiencing the effortless wireless freedom afforded by the WL-20 series!

You may move around freely while playing at home, jamming with friends or performing on stage since you don’t have to worry about cable management. You may listen to your tone out front during soundcheck during a show and tune in the optimum sound for your audience. Your live presentations will be more dynamic and exciting than ever before, thanks to the ability to wander and engage with other artists.

The BOSS WL-20L is just the beginning. There are many options in the BOSS wireless system line: WL-20, WL-50, WL-60 and 30XLR. Find the system that works the best for you. We have all the information you need, right here at Gigasonic.

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