BOSS WL-30XLR Digital Wireless System for Microphone

BOSS WL-30XLR Digital Wireless System for Microphone


The BOSS WL-30XLR gives your favorite XLR dynamic mic the flexibility of BOSS's renowned wireless technology. Setup is simple and straightforward, avoiding the connectivity issues that plague other systems. With 14-channel scanning and an extensive transmission range, performance is unbeatable. And standard AA alkaline batteries provide long-lasting performance and quick replacement to keep the show going.

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The BOSS WL-30XLR is a great value, high-quality wireless system for XLR dynamic microphones that has a simple setup, reliable performance and long battery life. The Boss WL-30XLR makes excellent wireless microphone sound accessible to everyone, from vocalists, presenters and beatboxers to DJs, MCs, video producers and beyond.

This wireless system for your favorite microphone comprises a tiny transmitter that plugs into an XLR mic input on a mixer, stage amp or other audio destination, and a streamlined transmitter that attaches to practically any standard XLR dynamic mic.

The receiver and transmitter of the BOSS WL-30XLR both require a single AA alkaline battery, providing up to 11 hours of runtime to accommodate several performances and rehearsals.

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