BOSS WL-60 Guitar Wireless System Refurbished

BOSS WL-60 Guitar Wireless System Refurbished


The BOSS WL-60 Guitar Wireless System makes going wireless simple for musicians. This system has a fantastic tone, a low latency and is simple to set up. The pedalboard-friendly receiver has a huge visual display and buttons for scanning and selecting the optimal wireless channel. The alkaline batteries in the robust bodypack transmitter last up to 25 hours.

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The BOSS WL-60 Guitar Wireless System is made for electric guitarists and bassists.The system includes a bodypack transmitter that attaches to your belt and is where you connect your instrument. The receiver sits on your pedalboard and is about the size of a tiny stompbox. The receiver may be plugged into the first pedal in your chain.

You’re good to go when the system searches 14 channels for the strongest signal. You can now stroll across the stage without having to pull your stuff behind you. The system has a low latency of 2.3 milliseconds and a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz, ensuring that none of your tone is lost in the wireless environment.

Both the transmitter and receiver in the BOSS WL-60 Guitar Wireless System take battery power, but the receiver also has an input for an AC adaptor that may be purchased separately. If you use an adapter to power the receiver, you may use the DC output to power another pedal.

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