CHAUVET DJ EVE F-50Z 50W LED Fresnel Fixture 2PK

CHAUVET DJ EVE F-50Z 50W LED Fresnel Fixture 2PK

The CHAUVET DJ EVE F-50Z 50W LED Fresnel Fixture has one 3500K LED and a CRI rating of 92. This little Fresnel will cast on small to medium stages and present the actual natural colors of a scene.
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The Chauvet DJ EVE F-50Z LED Fresnel fixture casts a warm white spot with a soft edge. This LED Fresnel fixture supports D-Fi USB for wireless master/slave or DMX control. Perfect for theater installation or as a spotlight for a mobile production.  Manual zooming allows you to project from any distance. By power connecting numerous units, you can operate EVE F-50Z in independent mode, removing the requirement for DMX control and saving time running extension cords.

D-Fi USB is a valuable tool when electricity isn’t an issue but running DMX wires is. The EVE F-50Z has a unique USB connector that can accommodate a Chauvet D-Fi USB transmitter. This transmitter allows your EVE F-50Z to receive wireless DMX from your router or even your smartphone (if you add a FlairCon Air to your rig). Furthermore, you may establish master/slave connections between D-Fi-enabled lighting fixtures, allowing you to build sophisticated, automated light shows without ever touching a DMX controller or running a single DMX wire.

The EVE F-50Z can also be used in standalone mode or via wired DMX (1- and 3-channel modes). Multiple units can be linked to save you time and trouble running extension cords. This fixture’s has an auto sensing power supply of 100 to 240 VAC,  so you can plug it in anyplace.

Four-leaf barndoors are included with the EVE F-50Z to help you customize your light distribution. By adding a gel frame, you may give your scene a splash of color. Three holes on the integrated yoke allow you to attach clamps or stand adapters to the light.

This 2 Pack Package Includes in each box:

  • CHAUVET DJ EVE F-50Z 50W LED Fresnel Fixture
  • Power Cord
  • Barndoors
  • Gel Frame
  • Limited 2-Year Warranty

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