CHAUVET DJ EZPin Zoom Pack – Refurbished

CHAUVET DJ EZPin Zoom Pack – Refurbished

The CHAUVET DJ EZpin Zoom Pack comes with an IRC-6 remote, a tote case, and 4 EZpin Zoom fixtures. The manual zoom adjustment of the EZPin Zoom has a large range to allow for fixture installation at any distance. A convenient magnetic base and rechargeable battery are included with the device
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Cosmetically looks great, open box return.  Great deal!

The CHAUVET DJ EZPin Zoom Pack Bundle comes with four battery-operated, true wireless pin spots that are perfect for mobile entertainers, event planners, or anywhere else that specialty accent lighting or spotlighting of centerpieces, cakes, and other focal points in event spaces is required. The magnetic base attaches to most metal surfaces which makes it simple to use. In addition, the EZPin Zoom’s may be permanently installed and can be attached to the majority of mic stands using an optional clamp.

A single 5W natural-white LED with variable zoom that gives a beam angle of 5 to 25° is used in each EZPin Zoom pin place to provide optimum coverage. Pinspot lighting for mobile entertainers can be difficult, this makes it easy.  Up to 11 hours of use are possible from the built-in rechargeable battery, and the accompanying IRC-6 remote control turns the device on and off wirelessly. Every CHAUVET DJ EZpin Zoom Pack includes a travel case, a multi-charger, and four USB charging cables.

Item Includes

  • 4 EZpin Zoom
  • 4 USB cables
  • 1 multi-charger
  • 1 IRC-6 Remote
  • 1 carrying bag
  • Quick Reference Guide

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