CHAUVET DJ Freedom Cyc 100% TRUE Wireless Cyclorama Light

CHAUVET DJ Freedom Cyc 100% TRUE Wireless Cyclorama Light

The CHAUVET DJ Freedom Cyc 100% TRUE wireless Cyclorama Light can be used on battery power or connected to electrical mains for even greater output. This cyc light can be controlled with the included IRC-6 remote or via DMX.
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CHAUVET DJ Freedom Cyc is a 100% TRUE wireless, battery-operated cyclorama that lights surfaces with a wide, even wash, well suited for film sets, TV production, green-screen setups, event production, and more. The fixture’s lens design blends the RGB-WW color spectrum with remarkable results. There is quick access to built-in color temperature presets eliminating programming time. Enjoy flicker-free performance due to the high-frequency LED dimming. Use the unit anywhere with battery power or plug in to the electrical mains and receive a 30% boost of output.

Item Includes

  • CHAUVET DJ Freedom Cyc
  • Power cord
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • IRC-6

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