Crown XTi 4002 Power Amplifier

Crown XTi 4002 Power Amplifier


The Crown XTi 4002 Power Amplifier provides up to 650W per channel at 8 ohms, excellent for sound reinforcement, nightclub installation, bands, theaters, DJ applications and more. The XTi 4002 provides extremely precise sound reproduction with little distortion, making it ideal for music or speech playback. The amp includes a switch-mode universal power source that allows it to be utilized in any location.

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The Crown XTi 4002 amplifier delivers 650 watts per channel at 8 ohms, 1200 watts per channel at 4 ohms and up to 3200 watts in bridged mode. To keep things cool within the front-to-rear airflow system, the proportional speed fan has three user-defined settings: normal, early and full-speed. The universal tracking switch-mode power supply keeps efficiency and reliability at a high level. This dynamo’s steel frame and cast aluminum front panel enable it to withstand frequent operation.

The amp has separate level control knobs and LEDs on the front panel, as well as an on/off switch, an LCD screen and three menu control buttons. The LCD panel will allow you to keep track of the amp’s settings and processing status.

The Crown XTi 4002 includes balanced XLR inputs, binding posts and Neutrik Speakon® outputs for the speakers, as well as XLR loop-through connections for attaching extra amplifiers. Integrated cast-aluminum rack handles make transporting these power amplifiers from the van to the gig a breeze, and they’re rackable and stackable to boot.

The Crown XTi 4002 provides you a lot of flexibility when it comes to creating your sound in the rack. The input EQ has six parametric filters per channel, as well as high- and low-pass crossovers. You may fine-tune the output EQ with eight parametric filters per channel. There’s also a built-in delay and a total of 30 presets, with 29 of them being user-defined.

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