Earthworks M23 23kHz Measurement Microphone – Refurbished

Earthworks M23 23kHz Measurement Microphone – Refurbished

The Earthworks M23 Omnidirectional Small-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone has a ruler-flat frequency response to 23kHz (hence the name) and is ideal for room acoustics analysis and correction, sound system calibration and troubleshooting, loudspeaker design and QC, or any application requiring an accurate free-field measurement microphone.
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Opened and tested, looks new.  Open box return.

The Earthworks M23 Omnidirectional 23kHz Measurement Microphone is perfect for acoustical measurements such as loudspeaker design and quality control, sound system setup and troubleshooting, room acoustics, and any other application that requires an accurate free-field measuring microphone.

The M23 is noted for its dependable performance, giving exceptional audio quality at a reasonable price. It offers a flat frequency response spanning 9Hz to 23kHz, an extraordinarily consistent omnidirectional polar response, an SPL level of 140dB without distortion, and no handling noise.

Earthworks measuring microphones are an industry standard, with major pro audio firms specifying them for use in acoustic measurement systems. The Earthworks M23 is a low-cost measurement microphone that is available alone or as a matched pair.

Immune to most temperature and atmospheric fluctuations, the M23 delivers reliable and repeatable results in any environment.

Item Includes

  • Earthworks M23
  • MC1 Microphone Clip
  • ADP1 1/2″ Calibrator Adaptor

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