Line 6 Pocket POD Portable Guitar Multi Effects Processor

Line 6 Pocket POD Portable Guitar Multi Effects Processor


The Line 6 Pocket POD Multi Effects Processor is a compact multi-effects and modeling device featuring 300 unique presets made up of 32 vintage and current amp models, 16 cabinet models and 16 effects. The device connects directly to an amplifier or PA system, making it a viable alternative for traveling light, living in cramped quarters and working within limited budgets.

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The Line 6 Pocket POD has all of the features and tones that have made the POD series a standard in the music business. Despite its little size, the Pocket POD has over 300 custom presets selected by today’s biggest rock performers.

The Line 6 Pocket POD is approximately the size of a tuner and is totally portable thanks to its battery power. The Pocket POD is so adaptable that it may be used as an effects unit in front of an amplifier, or it will sound great with just headphones as a portable practice module.

This multi effects processor connects to any computer through USB. The free Vysex program may be downloaded once the connection has been established. This program aids in the creation of one of the most flexible tone tools available today. The Vysex program allows users to generate personalized tones with the Pocket POD and manage a tone collection from their computer. If that’s not enough, go to and choose from over 3000 free presets developed by guitarists all over the world.

With Line 6 Pocket POD, you can be a rockstar whenever and wherever you want.

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