Line 6 Relay G50 Digital Wireless Guitar System

Line 6 Relay G50 Digital Wireless Guitar System

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Line 6 Relay G50

Line 6 Relay G50 Digital Wireless Delivers offers up Line 6’s impressive “Virtual Wire Transmission” technology. Line 6 Relay G50 is a Full Range of Tone! Hassle free, Relay digital wireless guitar systems are and work right out of the box. Power up, pick a channel, and go! Put analog wireless to shame. All channels in all Relay digital wireless systems work all the time, there’s no website to reference and no need to scan for open channels.


Line 6 Relay G50 includes a transmitter and a pedal-style receiver

Line 6 Relay G50 features 12 compatible channels and a 200-foot range

Incorporates Line 6’s Virtual Wire Transmission technology for great dynamic response

Cable Tone Simulator matches the sound of your favorite guitar cable

Designed to be compander free so your signal stays true

Low-noise system with high-quality 24-bit A/D conversion

Line 6 Relay G50 works for approximately 8 hours on just two AA alkaline batteries

Simple set of controls makes it easy for anyone to use

Exclusive VWT (Virtual Wire Transmission) technology ensures full-range frequency response, excellent transient response, and wide dynamic range – just like a high-quality guitar cable.

Superior Specs
Relay digital wireless systems produce full-range tones with 10Hz-20kHz frequency response, exceedingly low noise with up to 120dB dynamic range, and studio-quality resolution with 24-bit A/D conversion. (Comparably priced analog wireless systems offer 50Hz-15kHz frequency response and >90dB dynamic range. This wreaks havoc on your tone, especially if you use a high-gain amp.)

Cable Tone Simulation
Using a cable and a wireless system? Now you can switch back and forth without having to adjust the tone settings on your amplifier. Relay digital wireless systems feature a Cable Tone Simulator, which lets you match the sound of your Relay to the sound of your cable.

Compander Free
Companders squash your signal and ruin your tone. Analog wireless systems require companders but Relay wireless systems do not. Remaining compander-free enables Relay to deliver a beautiful high-end sparkle, thunderous low-end punch, and touch response that analog wireless systems simply cannot deliver.

Exclusive DCL (Digital Channel Lock) technology automatically locks out all sources of interference. The only sound that will come out of your amplifier is you – not static, not Top 40 radio, just you. Guaranteed.

2.4GHz broadcast… What about WiFi?
Worried about interference caused by 2.4GHz WiFi networks and Bluetooth devices? Don’t be. Relay digital wireless systems use uniquely addressed and encoded digital transmission technology. Your tone will make it from your transmitter to your receiver free of interference.

The best way to avoid interference? Don’t get in its way. Relay digital wireless systems broadcast in the 2.4GHz band, which successfully avoids interference caused by TV stations, public safety broadcasts, cell phone towers, and other high-powered sources.

Full Quality, No Matter What
Whether you’re playing two feet from your Relay or at the edge of its range, you get the same great specs: full frequency response, superior dynamic range, cable-inspired dependability, and 24-bit A/D conversion.


Metal Stompbox-style System
Transmission Format: Line 6 proprietary digital audio transmission
Frequency Response: 10Hz – 20kHz
Dynamic Range: 120 dB
RF Carrier Frequency: 2.4GHz
Compatible Channels: 12
Transmission Range: 200 feet line-of-sight (may vary due to local conditions)
FCC Approval: Part 15 approved, no user-license required

TBP12 Transmitter
A/D Conversion: 24-bit Delta Sigma, 128 times oversampling
Input Impedance: 1.3 M-Ohm
Connectors: 1/4-inch unbalanced input
Controls: Power On/Off, Channel Select
LEDs Display: Power, Audio Status
LCD Display: Channel Number, Battery Life
Battery Life: Approx. 8 hours (2x AA alkaline batteries)

RXS12 Receiver
D/A Conversion: 24-bit Delta Sigma, 128 times oversampling
1/4-inch output
Tuner pass-thru
LEDs Display: Power On, Data Link, Audio Status
LCD Displays: Channel Number, Transmitter Battery Life
Power On/Off
Channel Select
Cable Tone Simulator
Power Requirements: DC-1g power supply (9VDC)

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