Mackie Performer Bundle with Mixer, Microphones and Headphones

Mackie Performer Bundle with Mixer, Microphones and Headphones


The Mackie Performer Bundle includes all of the critical components for effortless mixing and outstanding vocal reproduction. The ProFX6v3 6-channel mixer, which offers low-noise preamps, 24 built-in effects and USB recording capabilities is included in this bundle. You will also get a set of EM-89D dynamic microphones for crystal-clear and responsive voices AND MC-100 closed-back headphones plus accessories.

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The ProFX6v3 6-channel mixer, a set of EM-89D dynamic microphones, the MC-100 closed-back headphones, a 1/4′′ headphone converter, mic clips, XLR cables and mic carrying pouches are all included in the Mackie Performer Bundle.

The ProFX6v3 is a portable mixer with superb sound and functionality seen in bigger mixers. Two Onyx preamps are included in this mixer, providing excellent sound for your piano, microphones and guitars. Once you’re ready to go, utilize the inbuilt GigFX to give your mix a little something extra. Whether you’re onstage or in the studio, the Mackie ProFX6v3 will deliver incredible sound quality.

The EM-89D dynamic microphone attempts to provide professional-level audio reproduction at an affordable price. Because of the sturdy body and metal grille, this road-ready microphone is meant to last. The internal electronics have been fine-tuned to offer a very flat response over a wide frequency range. This makes it a jack-of-all-trades mic for live singers, studio instruments and a variety of other uses. The Mackie EM-89D Dynamic Vocal Mic comes with a microphone clip, a compact carrying case and a microphone cord. The Mackie EM-89D is a wonderful pick that won’t break the bank if you’re wanting to add another dynamic voice mic to your arsenal.

The MC-100 professional headphones provide the ideal blend of isolation and precise sound reproduction, allowing you to accomplish your best work. Large, custom-designed drivers produce a clear and detailed signal at all volumes with these headphones. These lightweight cans include ergonomically built padding on the earpads and headband, so you won’t be uncomfortable during extended sessions. You’ll be able to listen to music for hours on end while using these headphones.

The Mackie Performer Bundle provides you with the tools to sound your best on stage and in the studio.

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