Manley ELOP+ Electro-optical Compressor/Limiter

Manley ELOP+ has been completely re-engineered from the ground-up, beginning with our amazing modern high voltage switching power supply purpose-designed for our vacuum tube audio circuits. With careful reference to our sonic past, we have deployed our highest performance vacuum tube line amplifier and White Follower output stage in this new version all housed in a build-efficient chassis behind a drop-dead gorgeous precision-CNC-milled faceplate, all proudly made in America, of course. The new Manley ELOP+ is everything you love about our legendary ELOP, plus!


10:1 Limiter and 3:1 Compressor ratios

All-tube audio path uses 5751 and 6922 dual triodes

Balanced Manley IRON® transformer-coupled XLR Inputs

XLR impedance-balanced outputs

BYPASS switches and AUTOMUTE with warm-up delay

Large illuminated VU meters read Gain Reduction or Output levels


Side-Chain High-Pass Filter

Universal internal power supply operates worldwide 90-250V~AC 50/60Hz


Type: Electro-optical compressor

Number of Channels: 2

Ratio: 10:1 limiting, 3:1 compression

Side Chain Inserts: Yes, side chain high-pass filter

Inputs: 2 x XLR

Outputs: 2 x XLR

Rack Spaces: 2U

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