PreSonus HP60 Six Channel Headphone Amp

PreSonus HP60 Six Channel Headphone Amp



6-channel Headphone Amp with Independent Mix Control

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PreSonus HP60 is the most flexible and advanced headphone amplifier system available for professional and project recording studios as well as live sound in-ear monitoring systems. Loaded with six independent, loud and clear headphone amplifiers, PreSonus HP60 features dual stereo inputs as well as external input, for each channel allowing you to mix between three stereo audio streams (mix A, mix B, and external input). Stereo output of PreSonus HP60 is also available on each channel to send line level headphone channel mixes to additional headphone amplifiers or monitor systems. Each channel of PreSonus HP60 features headphone level, mix control between A and B inputs, external input volume, mute and mono. PreSonus HP60 also features talkback via external XLR microphone input.

Common set up of the HP60 in a recording session is to send the main control room mix to input A. Send the click track to input B. Send the each band member direct recording input to each channel’s external input (more me). This will allow each band member to create a mix between the main mix, the click track and themselves.

PreSonus HP60 is the ultimate headphone amplification system delivering loud and clear headphone mixes for real-world recording situations.


Six independent ultra low noise, high output headphone amplifiers (150 mW per channel)

PreSonus HP60 has Two sets of stereo inputs (A and B) with balanced TRS connectors

Stereo external input point on each channel for “more me” with trim control

PreSonus HP60 has mix control between inputs A and B

Talkback with external XLR microphone with control

Direct stereo line output on each channel


Input A: (2) 1/4″ TRS balanced 10 Ohms

Input B: (2) 1/4″ TRS balanced 10 Ohms

External input: TRS stereo unbalanced 10 Ohms

Headphone amplifier output power: 150 mW RMS (60 Ohms) per channel

Audio outputs: 1/4″ TRS stereo unbalanced per channel

Master controls: Talk button, Talkback volume, Input A, Input B

Channel controls: Headphone level, Mix A/B control, External input level, Mono, Mute

External talkback: XLR with TS external control jack

Power: 120V

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