PreSonus PM-2 Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphones – Matched Pair

PreSonus PM-2 Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphones – Matched Pair

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PreSonus PM-2

PreSonus PM-2 is a matched pair of small-diaphragm studio condenser microphones designed for accurate stereo recording of acoustic instruments, drum kits, and ensembles. Each mic’s 0.75″ gold-sputtered capsule feeds an internal Class-A FET preamp, yielding a transparent tone from 40 Hz to 18 kHz.

The cardioid polar pattern reduces the pickup of ambient, off-axis sound, allowing it to deliver intelligible direct sound in rooms that lack acoustic treatment. Easily mount both lightweight PM-2 microphones on a single mic stand via the included mic clips and stereo bar.

Key Features

  • Two (2) matched small-diaphragm condenser microphones
  • The right choice for stereo recordings of acoustic instruments, drum overheads, ensembles and more
  • Sold as a sonically matched pair
  • ¾-inch (19 mm), gold-sputtered capsule
  • Ultralight chassis for easy positioning
  • Mic clips and stereo bar for XY mic placement included


Capsule Type: 19mm, gold sputtered 6 micron Mylar, small-diaphragm condenser

Preamp Type: Class A FET

Sensitivity: 8 mV/Pa

Frequency Response: 40 Hz to 18 kHz

Polar Pattern: Cardioid

Equivalent Noise Level: 22 dB SPL A-wtd

Maximum SPL: 135 dB

Total Load Impedance: -1 kΩ

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