Radial Engineering EXTC Stereo Guitar Effects Interface and Reamper

Radial Engineering EXTC Stereo Guitar Effects Interface and Reamper


The Radial Engineering EXTC Stereo Guitar Effects Interface connects guitar effects pedals to the inputs and outputs of professional equipment (such as an audio interface, mixer, and so on), allowing you to incorporate stereo pedals into your recordings and explore new creative possibilities.

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The Radial Engineering EXTC stereo re-amping device, is a secret weapon for producers and engineers.  It allows you to process recorded tracks using your favorite stereo guitar and bass effects pedals. Send a stereo line out from your interface to the EXTC, and it converts it to instrument level so you can be sure you’re in the sweet spot for your pedals. With so many amazing stereo effects pedals on the market today, the Radial EXTC is a fantastic choice for adding inspiring sounds to your mixes that can’t be replicated in the box.

The instrument-level I/O jacks for your pedals are located on the front panel of the EXTC Stereo. Send signal to your pedals via the send jacks, then plug the outputs of your pedals into the receive jack (s). The combined balanced I/O on the back feeds your studio gear. You can now use your pedals as insert effects in any mix.



  • Connect stereo guitar pedals to balanced recording gear
  • Front panel 1/4″ inputs and outputs for pedals
  • Send & Receive controls to optimize gain staging
  • Utilize your pedal collection in new & unique ways


  • Audio circuit type: Proprietary Active Circuit with Class-A buffers
  • Number of channels: 2
  • Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz (-0.5dB/+0.5dB)
  • Dynamic range: >+130dBu
  • Total harmonic distortion: 0.007% @ 0dBu, 1kHz
  • Intermodulation Distortion: 0.002% @ 0dBu, 1kHz
  • Common Mode Rejection Ratio: 34dBu @ 60Hz, 42dBu @ 3kHz
  • Noise Floor: -105dBu
  • Maximum Input: +11dBu
  • Input Connectors: 1/4" TRS/XLR Combo Jacks, 1/4" TS Insert Recv
  • Output Connectors: 1/4" TRS, XLR, 1/4" TS Insert Send
  • Extras: SA series rack mount available
  • Construction: 14-gauge Steel Chassis
  • Finish: Durable Powder Coat
  • Power: 15VDC 400mA
  • Conditions: For use in dry locations only between 5°C and 40°C
Weight 3 lbs