Radial Engineering HotShot DM1 Microphone Switcher

Radial Engineering HotShot DM1 Microphone Switcher

The Radial Engineering HotShot DM1 is an innovative microphone signal splitter and mute switch combination. When you press the sturdy footswitch, you've silenced your mic and diverted the signal to the stage monitors or intercom, allowing you to easily interact with musicians or technicians.
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The Radial Engineering Hotshot DM1 Microphone Switcher is a tough and useful mic signal splitter and mute switch. It allows vocalists to mute their mic and depress a temporary footswitch to redirect the signal to an intercom system, stage monitor, or alternate signal chain. This useful stage accessory provides significant versatility for stage communication or signal control while simple to use and taking up very little space.

The HotShot DM1 is simple to use. Connect any dynamic microphone to the DM1’s input and the primary output of your mixer. Connect a second cable from the monitor’s output to a common intercom bus. When you press the momentary footswitch, the primary output signal is muted and diverted to your monitors. You can now converse quietly with other band members or address a technical issue with the crew. The system returns to regular operation as soon as you remove the footswitch, removing the need for LED indicators or local powering.

The Hotshot DM1 is an extremely beneficial tool for any vocalist, stage performer, or public performance venue, regardless of the application.  The DM1 is made of heavy-duty 14-gauge steel, so you know it’s road ready.

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