Radial Engineering J48 Phantom Powered Active Direct Box

Radial Engineering J48 Phantom Powered Active Direct Box

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Radial Engineering J48 is an active 48-Volt phantom powered direct box that produces an exceptionally linear response that extends from 20Hz up to well above 40kHz. Low distortion of all types is achieved via a unique digital switching power supply that raises the internal operating rail voltage for added headroom and improved signal handling. The results are truly amazing. The J48 delivers an ideal even-order harmonic cascade and a sonic performance that outperforms DIs costing several hundreds more.

The J48 is both feature-rich for studio and made tough to handle the road. This includes a -15dB input pad to tame extra loud signals, 180º polarity reverse for feedback control on stage and a ground lift to help reduce hum & buzz caused by ground loops. Special features include a merge function that elegantly mixes left-right signals to mono without phase cancellation. To minimize resonant feedback with acoustic instruments, the J48 is also equipped with an 80Hz high-pass filter (low-cut). When engaged, this also increases headroom by eliminating unneeded bass frequencies.

Radial’s innovative book-end design protects switches and connectors from abuse while the internal I-beam construction eliminates stress on the PC board. This serves to reduce solder joints from going ‘cold’ and delivers trouble-free performance for years. A full-bottom no-slip pad provides mechanical and electrical isolation while providing plenty of ‘stay-put’ for rockin’ stages!

The J48 is used by artists as diverse as acoustic guitarist Tommy Emmanuel; super-star engineer Joe Chiccarelli; and one of the most successful bands of all time Fleetwood Mac.


Ultra low distortion of all types

Exceptional headroom & dynamic range

Retains instrument’s natural sound

Powered by 48V phantom


Type: Active DI

Channels: 1

Inputs: 1 x 1/4″

Outputs: 1 x XLR, 1 x 1/4″ thru

Height: 2″

Depth: 5″

Width: 3.3″

Weight: 1.55 lbs.

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