Radial Engineering ProAV1 Passive Multimedia DI

Radial Engineering ProAV1 Passive Multimedia DI

Radial Engineering ProAV1 is a passive 1-channel Multi-media DI. It features many mono and stereo inputs that are merged via a resistive mixer to mono, greatly simplifying signal management.
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Radial Engineering ProAV1 is a passive direct box specifically developed with the audio-video integrator in mind. The ProAV1 features a variety of stereo inputs that are summed mono via a resistive mixer, greatly simplifying signal management.

To eliminate the need for various adaptors, the ProAV1 is equipped with a ‘Swiss Army’ array of connectivity options including 1/4″ inputs for instruments, RCA and 3.5mm (1/8″) connectors for CD players, iPods, video decks and computers. The ProAV1 also features a female XLR input for interfacing equipment with +4dB professional signal levels. The front panel connectors can also be used as thru-puts to allow multiple patch points.

Custom wound Eclipse ET-DB2 transformers are able to withstand exceptionally hot signal levels while maintaining linearity from 20Hz to 20kHz. The resulting smooth Bessel curve is warm and natural, making them particularly adept at handling digital sources that can sound harsh. Transformer isolation further benefits by eliminating hum and buzz caused by ground loops or DC offset problems.

These features combine to make the ProAV1 ‘must have’ problem solvers for the audio-visual technician’s tool kit.

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