Radial Engineering Reamp Station Studio Reamper and Direct Box

Radial Engineering Reamp Station Studio Reamper and Direct Box

The Radial Engineering Reamp Station combines two studio requirements into a single chassis: an active DI box for clean instrument recordings, and the JCR high-performance Reamper to feed those recordings to your guitar amps and effects during mixdown.
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Radial Engineering’s Reamp Station is a versatile, active DI Box that runs on 48V phantom power and eliminates the hassle of back-end rewiring. The Reamp Station effortlessly feeds guitar, bass, vocal, and other tracks.  The Reamp Station has 1/4-inch TRS, 3.5mm, and XLR plug inputs for additional versatility.

The DI you select is crucial since an effective reamping session begins with a clear, high-quality direct recording. The Reamp Station’s active DI section is based on Radial’s renowned J48. These modifications include a buffer switch that activates a unity-gain Class-A buffer circuit on the Thru output.  This protects the natural tone of your instrument and prevents any loading down of passive pickups when connected to an amplifier. The DI circuit is fed by 48V phantom from your interface or mixer, so no need for power supply. A front panel LED indication provides visual proof that power is being received.

Many professional recording engineers will be familiar with the Reamper side of the Reamp Station. It converts the circuit from the Reamp JCR into a multi-purpose studio tool. The JCR incorporates a custom-wound ‘Made in the USA’ transformer that converts line-level signals from an audio interface to feed guitar pedals and amplifiers. It also has a level control, a 3-position filter, and a mute switch.

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