Reloop BeatPad 2 Cross Platform DJ Controller

Reloop BeatPad 2 Cross Platform DJ Controller


The Reloop BeatPad 2 DJ Controller brings smart device DJing into the professional realm, allowing you to perform using the same phone or tablet you carry around with you all the time. When you use a Reloop BeatPad 2 to DJ on your iOS smartphone, Android device, Mac or Windows PC, you'll gain a professional level of direct control over your mix.

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The Reloop BEATPAD 2 DJ Controller is designed for live performance applications such as DJing at a party or at a club. When utilizing Algorithms DJAY software, the controller has a built-in 4-channel USB audio interface, two 100mm faders, a crossfader, 16 multi-function drum pads, multi-color changing 15 cm aluminum jog wheels for scratching and cueing and specialized filters and push encoders for effects and loops.

BeatPad 2 is a cross platform controller, which means it will connect to your gear whether you’re using a Mac or PC, an iOS smartphone, or an Android tablet. While the BeatPad 2 is an excellent complement for DJAY 2, it also works with a wide range of other DJ apps and programs, making it one of the most versatile DJ controllers available.

For I/O, the controller includes two headphone connections on the front, two master outputs (XLR, RCA) and an auxiliary input for connecting an iPod, CD player or turntable. Reloop BeatPad 2 ships with a USB cable, Lightning cable, Android cable and a power supply.

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