Roland Aerophone AE-01 Mini Digital Wind Instrument

Roland Aerophone AE-01 Mini Digital Wind Instrument

The Roland Aerophone AE-01 mini is the fastest way to realize your dream of playing an instrument.There are no difficult chords to learn, unlike on the piano, guitar, or ukulele, and the fingering is straightforward to comprehend. The portable design and six fantastic onboard sounds enable you listen to a wide range of musical genres wherever you go.
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The Roland Aerophone AE-01 Mini Digital Wind Instrument is a compact, digital wind instrument with a recorder-like key layout and six expressive onboard tones, including sax, flute, clarinet, trumpet, violin, and saw lead synth tone. It also has an integrated PCM synthesizer sound generator and reverb effects. Because it runs on rechargeable batteries and has a built-in speaker, you may take it anywhere to play or practice. You can rehearse and perform in solitude without upsetting other people if there is a headphone jack.

It’s not easy to learn a new instrument. That’s why the Aerophone Mini comes with a free companion app to help you learn music while having fun. The Aerophone Mini Plus app for iOS and Android includes 11 easy-to-follow tutorial songs to help you get started. The app also adds 50 amazing sounds to your sound bank. You’ll be able to choose the ideal sound for your playing needs and impress your audience with the sounds of the saxophone, flute, violin, and many other instruments!

The Aerophone is extremely portable, weighing only one pound. This instrument may be played anywhere, whether jamming at home or on the road. The Aerophone’s inbuilt speakers sound fantastic, and the long battery life will keep you going all day. Furthermore, it features a headphone output, allowing you to practice in silence while others sleep.

With the Aerophone Mini’s Bluetooth connectivity, you may play music from your smartphone through the speakers of the device. This enables you to play along wherever you are, whenever, to your favorite singer. This function is ideal for wowing your loved ones with your talent.

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