Roland AIRA VT-4 Voice Transformer Refurbished

Looks new. Used less than 10 hours. Comes with Original Packaging

Roland VT-4

The Roland AIRA VT-4 Voice Transformer is a real-time vocal processor designed to craft and shape your own custom vocal sounds, from subtle augmentation to radical transformation. Smoothly alter the pitch and formant of a voice or add heavily processed vocal effects to your studio work, stage performances, podcasts, web streaming, and more.A built-in USB audio interface with adjustable volume level provides loopback recording to overdub vocals on existing tracks. Power is provided by either the computer’s USB bus or via the four included AA batteries.

Key Features

  • Robot: Produces an expressionless voice with a fixed pitch, evocative of a robot
  • Megaphone: Produces a distorted voice, as though you were using a megaphone
  • Vocoder: Produces a “vocoder” voice
  • Harmony: Lets you add harmony to the sound
  • Auto Pitch: Pitch-corrects your voice
  • Key: Specifies the key that is used when applying an effect with the Robot button or the Auto Pitch knob
  • Pitch: Adjusts the pitch of the voice
  • Formant: Adjusts the formants of the sound
  • Balance: Adjusts the balance between the normal voice and the effect-processed voice
  • Reverb: Adjusts the amount of reverb

Roland VT-4 Specs

Phantom Power +48 V, 10 mA max
USB Audio
Nominal Input Level Mic In: -40 to -12 dBu
Nominal Output Level -10 dBu
Memory Scene Memory: 8
Indicator Lights Peak
Sampling Frequency AD/DA Conversion: 44.1, 48, 96, 192 kHz
Dimensions (W x D x H) 6.9 x 5.2 x 2.3″” / 174 x 133 x 58 mm
Weight 19.5 oz / 554.0 g

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