Roland MC-707 GROOVEBOX Music Production Workstation

Roland MC-707 GROOVEBOX Music Production Workstation


The Roland MC-707 GROOVEBOX captures the heart and soul of vintage groove boxes while raising the bar with eight tracks of recording, sequencing, synthesis, sampling and effects, as well as a handpicked combination of sounds, loops and phrases. Record audio and MIDI with precise timing control while adjusting faders and knobs for the ultimate in-the-moment experience.

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The Roland MC-707 8-track GROOVEBOX comes with everything you need to compose tracks and perform sets without a computer. You get eight tracks of MIDI sequencing and audio recording, with a massive collection of synth sounds, loops and phrases ready to produce. Sixteen expressive pads are ideal for playing in drum parts, bass lines, melodies and chord progressions.

The Roland MC-707 uses clip-based sequencing, similar to the most well-liked computer sequencing programs, giving you a ton of creative flexibility. The 8-track sequencer is great for driving drumming and colorful synth sounds and effects, using the built-in ZEN-Core sounds. Alternatively, you can hook up a microphone, recorders, or another audio source, and record audio snippets for looping or one-shots. You can save your projects to SD card media no matter what you produce (included).

Preloaded with more than 3,000 sounds, the Roland MC-707 includes thudding basses, vivid leads, roomy pads and much more. There are also more than 80 preset drum kits. With high-quality sample recording up to 24-bit/96kHz sound quality, you may rapidly begin producing your own user samples and drum kits. You also have countless choices for re-sampling and processing your unique sounds thanks to the 90 different types of multi-effects processing and the mastering effects.

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