Roland MC-707 Groovebox Music Production Workstation

Roland MC-707 Groovebox Music Production Workstation

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Roland MC-707

Roland MC-707 GROOVEBOX recaptures the heart and soul of the original groove boxes of yesteryear and ups the ante with eight tracks of recording, sequencing, synthesis, sampling, and effects plus a curated palette of sounds, loops, and phrases. Record audio and MIDI with deep control over timing while tweaking faders and knobs for the ultimate in-the-moment experience.

Key Features

  • 8 tracks of sequencing or audio playback, up to 64 sequence steps
  • 16 expressive pads for playing bass lines, grooves, and melodies
  • Record high-quality audio up to 32-bit/96kHz
  • Clip-based sequencing with up to 16 clips per track (128 total)
  • Looper supports time stretch and pitch shift


Sound Generator ZEN-Core (Tone, Drum Kit)
Track Format Tone, Drum Kit, Looper (Audio Loop)
Tracks 8 Tracks
Step Sequencer Maximum Step: 64 Steps (Available on a Tone or Drum Kit Track)
Looper Time Stretch, Pitch Shift (Available on a Looper Track)
Display 256 x 80 Dots Graphic LCD (with Backlit)
External Storage SD Card (SDHC Supported) for Saving Project Data and Audio Data
Power Supply AC Adapter
Current Draw 2000 mA
ZEN-Core: 128 Voices (Varies According to the Sound Generator Load)
LOOPER:8 (Varies According to the Available Number of Looper Track)
128 Clips (16 Clips Per Track)
Clip Type: Tone, Drum Kit, Looper (Audio Loop); Varies According to the Track Type
Track Multi-Effects: 90 Types
Track EQ
Chorus/Delay: 9 Types
Reverb: 7 Types
Master Effects: 90 Types
Master Compressor
Master EQ
Dimensions (W x D x H) 16.8 x 10.4 x 2.4
Weight 4.7 lb / 2.1 kg.

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