Roland SH-01A Boutique Series 4-Synthesizer Module

Roland SH-01A Boutique Series 4-Synthesizer Module


The Roland SH-01A is a replica of the legendary Roland SH-101, one of the most well-known vintage synthesizers ever. Roland's Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) technology authentically recreates the real behavior of the original analog circuits to generate the iconic sounds of the SH-101, down to the tiniest nuances and oddities that have won over musicians and producers for decades.

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The Roland SH-01A is a Boutique Series module that transforms Roland’s classic SH-101 synthesizer. The SH-01A uses a straightforward 1-VCO, 1-VCF, 1-VCA, 1-LFO architecture to produce unique bass tones and bubbly analog effects, much like the original. But owing to contemporary developments, your sound palette has been substantially expanded by the ability to play entire chords with 4-voice polyphony.

The original SH-101 had excellent bass and lead tones, but its monophonic design limited its application. This restriction is removed by the Roland SH-01A, giving you complete 4-note polyphony. Create powerful sounds by layering any four notes in chord mode, each of which may be moved up and down in semitone intervals, or by using all four voices in unison mode. For pads and chords, poly mode enables simultaneous playing of four notes.

The original SH-101’s 100-step built-in sequencer is responsible for many bass patterns and lead melodies. It was unfortunate that you could only save one sequence at a time. But with the SH-01A, this isn’t the case. The SH-01A is now ideal for the stage thanks to its 64 sequence patterns that can be saved and accessed. Additionally, you can control your modular setup, hardware synthesizers and software plug-ins straight from the Roland SH-01A thanks to its CV/Gate, MIDI, and USB capabilities.

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