Roland TB-03 Bass Line Synthesizer

Roland TB-03 Bass Line Synthesizer

Roland's iconic TB-303 is back in a portable, easy-to-use update with the Roland TB-03 Bass Line Synthesizer. The TB-03 still sports the legendary analog sounds with updated digital technology and fits seamlessly into any DAW, whether on stage, in studio or at home. And, just like with any GigaSonic purchase, the Roland TB-03 comes with our 1-year Giga-Guarantee and the full weight of GigaSonic's technicians behind it.
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It’s 1988. Your junior year of high school. Chicago’s Acid House is all the rage. Loud, pounding house parties with a mob of other 16- and 17-year-olds dancing until you’re out of breath and the sweat pours down your face. Remember that techno beat that forced your body to move? That movement can be traced back to the release of an iconic bass line synthesizer.

Today, you can recreate that popping beat with the Roland TB-03 Bass Line Boutique Synthesizer, a modern take on an iconic sound machine – the Roland TB-303.

The original bass synth allowed musicians to lay down a bass guitar track without the actual guitar. But early adopters used the machine for everything from creating foundation beats to that harsh, squelching sound that permeates Acid music. The TB-03 does everything that made its predecessor famous – and a good bit more.

With the Roland TB-03, you can lay down and store up to 96 different bass line patterns and seven full tracks. The bass line is the foundation of any composition. It establishes the rhythm and bridges all the components of your music together. The Roland TB-03 lets you do just that – in style and at an awesome price.

You want a bass line synth that is easy to maintain, easy to transport and easy to incorporate into your digital audio workstation. Using Roland’s signature Analog Circuit Behavior technology, the Roland TB-03 Bass Line Synthesizer produces vintage sounds using modern digital technology.

Powered by four AA batteries or USB, you know you won’t run out of juice during a live gig, studio session or an impromptu jam. And the four-digit LED read-out ensures accuracy and efficiency no matter how you use it.

The Roland TB-03 uses the same programming method used by the TB-303, so if you’re apt to operate old-school, you’ll feel right at home with the TB-03. But programming the 303 had a pretty steep learning curve. That’s no problem with the TB-03. It’s intuitive Step Recording Mode is easier to learn, saving you precious time.

The 303 was developed before today’s digital technology was available, so the Roland TB-03 takes advantage of the tech upgrade, while still providing the trademark sounds of the mid-80s Acid music scene; the flowing, hypnotic underpinnings of tribal soul and that signature hip-hop beat.

The TB-03 meshes seamlessly with computers running Windows and MacOS and works across platforms allowing you to collaborate with anyone, no matter their devotion to a computer operating system.

The USB connection works as an input and output link. Other ports on the TB-03 allow for MIDI I/O, headphones, CV and Gate output and Trigger input, allowing the Roland TB-03 to be incorporated into your entire digital recording system.

As a matter-of-fact, the TB-03 is part of Roland’s “Boutique” line-up, an entire system of upgraded tech from the company’s long line of iconic recording equipment – the TR-606 drum machine, the JUNO-60 polyphonic synth, the TR-808 rhythm composer, the SH-101 performance synthesizer, and the SE-02 analog synth.

On the TB-03, you can control tuning, frequency, resonance, envelope modifications, decay, accents, overdrive, delay and feedback. Your options are endless and limited only by the amount of time you have to experiment. The Roland TB-03 is a bass line synth that is portable with a robust construction. A built-in speaker gives the performer the opportunity to work without a dedicated amp.

Of course, every instrument at GigaSonic comes with our 1-year Giga-Guarantee. As always, we’ve got your back with our knowledgeable, easy-going support staff. You won’t get high-pressure sales tactics with GigaSonic. What you will get is our complete attention to your needs.

You can count on GigaSonic to give every customer personalized service, because that’s what we want when we’re the customer. Order the Roland TB-03 Bass Line Synthesizer today.

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