Roland TD-17KVX V-Drums Electronic Drum Set with EV Music 32gb Card

Roland TD-17KVX V-Drums Electronic Drum Set with EV Music 32gb Card

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Roland TD-17KVX V-Drums Electronic Drum Set includes a TD-17 drum sound module, a larger PDX-12 dual-trigger mesh snare pad, sensitive PDX-8 dual-trigger mesh tom pads, dynamic and realistic-feeling KD-10 kick trigger, two CY-12C dual-trigger crash V-Cymbals, a larger CY-13R three-way ride V-Cymbal, advanced VH-10 V-Hi-Hat and the solid, versatile MDS-4KVX drum stand.

The TD-17KVX’s stand out features are definitely the larger cymbal pads and the advanced VH-10 V-Hi-Hat. The new VH-10 V-Hi-Hat features excellent playability, and realistic hi-hat performance. The “floating” design mounts on a standard acoustic hi-hat stand, has a dual trigger cymbal pad, and faithfully recreates every hi-hat nuance. Whether the hi-hat is fully open, closed or any variation in between, the VH-10 responds naturally and accurately. Even hi-hat heel splashes can be played with ease.

The built-in Bluetooth for streaming music or MIDI from a smart device is another outstanding feature, which allows you to learn, record tracks or just play along with your favorite songs.

The TD-17KVX comes with the new PDX-12, a 12″ dual-ply mesh head pad with incredible sensitivity and response across the entire surface of the drum head, providing a great feeling, acoustic-like playing experience. The PDX-12 also recreates rim shots and cross stick techniques with ease thanks to its shallower hoop.


Sounds, pads, and features inspired by Roland’s top-level V-Drums

50 kits + 310 drum/percussion sounds inspired by the flagship TD-50

Tunable mesh pads deliver a custom playing response

Weight-optimized cymbals swing and sway like the real thing

12″ PDX-12 snare pad is a smooth transition from acoustic snares

10″ VH-10 hi-hat mounts to your favorite stand for authentic pumps and splashes

KD-10 kick pad is stable and dynamic

Importable drum samples via SD/HC card (not included); can be saved to 50 user kits

Virtual tuning, muffling, strainer tension, and snare buzz

Adjustable reverb, compression, and EQ per pad

Global bass and treble controls

Onboard Bluetooth 4.2 transceiver – streams music from your phone or sends MIDI data out

MIDI over USB and 5-pin output – trigger virtual instruments within your DAW

Audio over USB – capture pre-mixed audio for song building and safekeeping

Multi-pin cable harness included – inputs for Kick, Snare, Tom1, Tom2, Tom3, Hi-Hat, Crash1, Ride, Ride Bell, and Hi-Hat Control

Two additional 1/4″ dual-trigger inputs – inputs for Crash2 and Aux

Includes MDS-4KVX drum stand with cymbal booms and snare/tom clamps


Size (including Sound module, Kick pad, Kick pedal、Cymbals, Hi-hat stand and Drum throne)

Width: 1,300 mm; 51-3/16 inches

Depth: 1,100 mm; 43-5/16 inches

Height: 1,200 mm; 47-1/4 inches

Weight: 24.8 kg; 54 lbs 11 oz

Weight 80 lbs