Roland Verselab MV-1 Music Workstation

Roland Verselab MV-1 Music Workstation


The Roland VERSELAB MV-1 returns to your modern productions a hands-on, analog-inspired workflow. This hybrid groovebox and vocal workstation has everything you need to record ideas and flesh out songs in the studio or on the road. Using the responsive 4x4 touchpad and powerful 16-step TR REC sequencer, you can access the MV-1's 3,000 native sounds and bang out beats and bass lines.

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The Roland VERSELAB MV-1 is an all-in-one portable music workstation designed to assist musicians and producers in completing entire songs and compositions. In addition to a plethora of powerful tools for producing beats and vocals, the VERSELAB provides a distinctively fluid workflow filled with creative tools to inspire your writing and help you bring your musical ideas to life.

Create clips with drums, bass and melodic parts quickly by using the extensive, carefully curated library of over 3000 onboard sounds—plus extra sounds available via Zenbeats and Roland cloud content. Even if you’re a beginner at making music, the Roland VERSELAB MV-1 Style Mode gives you a variety of patterns and possibilities to pick from, making it easier for you to obtain the perfect vibe from your grooves.

While the Chord Mode function enables you to create intricate chords by triggering individual pads, the Motion Record function helps you add movement to your grooves by capturing tiny sound modifications to keep your rhythms fresh. Create Sections using the clips, then arrange them in Song Mode to create a full musical bed.

You can use the Vocal Mode to record up to 16 vocal takes by connecting a microphone to the XLR input, providing 48V phantom power for condenser mics. Each take can be accessed via a trigger pad. You may record your voice with the precise processing you desire for various song sections thanks to a variety of inbuilt vocal effects, including auto-pitch, harmonizer, radio filter, doubler and more. Additionally, vocal takes can be copied and pasted into the song as necessary.

Switch to mixing mode when you’re ready to finish your song to have control over the EQ, levels, panning and effects. Add mastering effects, such as multiband compression, limiting and a 5-band EQ to the entire mix bus for a final professional production gloss. Although the VERSELAB can also be powered by USB power, it stores your productions on SD or SDHC cards and comes with an SD card, an AC converter and both.

The Roland VERSELAB MV-1 is a complete music workstation that’s as comfortable on the road as it is in the studio.

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  • Roland Verselab MV-1
  • Leaflet “Read Me First”
  • AC adaptor
  • SD card and SD card protector

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