Earthworks SR314 Handheld Vocal Condenser Microphone – Stainless Steel

Earthworks SR314 Handheld Vocal Condenser Microphone – Stainless Steel

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Avaible in stainless steel finish, Earthworks SR314 ships with an MC4 microphone clip and 8.5-inch padded protective bag. Its Key features include rich open natural sound captured in a tight cardioid polar pattern. The tight cardioid polar pattern provides consistent frequency response to 90º off-axis, with extreme attenuation of off-axis sound sources beyond 90º and maximum rejection at 180º. 145dB SPL handling and an extended 20Hz-30kHz frequency response are the footnotes on a vocal microphone as brilliant and striking as the rest of the instruments onstage.

Item Includes

  • Earthworks SR314
  • Earthworks MC4 Microphone Clip
  • Microphone Bag

Small-diaphragm cardioid condenser capsule coupled with a Class-A amplifier circuit

Extended flat-frequency response and a focus on time coherence (fast, clean impulse response)

Designed to eliminate layers of distortion and noise often induced by multiple acoustic and electronic components

Reduces the need for corrective EQ, heavy compression, de-essing, and vigilance against feedback

Yields clear vocal tone that sits comfortably in the mix

Tight cardioid polar pattern has a consistent frequency response out to 90°

Extreme attenuation of sound sources located beyond 90° (maximum rejection at 180°)

Dependable low-frequency response throughout a range of distances, ensuring detailed bass up close without sacrificing fullness at a distance

Allows high gain before feedback

High SPL handling up to 145 dB

Durable, stainless steel exoskeleton sculpted through precision machining


Microphone Type: Condenser

Polar Pattern: Cardioid

Diaphragm Size: Small

Frequency Response: 20Hz-30kHz

Max SPL: 145dB SPL

Output Impedance: 65 ohms

Signal to Noise Ratio: 79dB (A weighted)

Self Noise: 15dB SPL (A weighted)

Color: Stainless Steel

Power Source: 24V-48V phantom power, 10mA

Connector: XLR

Dimensions: 7.13″ x 1.6″

Weight: 1.5 lbs.

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