TASCAM CD-200BT CD and Bluetooth Player

TASCAM CD-200BT CD and Bluetooth Player

The Tascam CD-200BT Rackmount CD Player With Bluetooth Receiver can play CDs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs, as well as WAV, MP2 and MP3 data CDs, as well as audio from Bluetooth-enabled devices. While you can only connect one Bluetooth device to the CD-200BT at a time, you can register up to eight devices and easily switch between them.
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The TASCAM CD-200BT CD Player/Bluetooth Receiver adds Bluetooth connectivity to the popular CD200 series players.  This allows you to stream music from your favorite mobile devices. It also plays CDs with audio, MP3, or WAV material and has a variety of analog and digital outputs, a wireless remote, and a CD tray that slides smoothly. This is the gear you need if you want a Bluetooth-ready, rack-mountable player.

TEAC (Tascam’s parent company) created and built the CD drive, which includes a 10-second shockproof memory to protect your playing from vibrations and CD skips. In addition, the CD-200BT offers an auxiliary 3.5mm stereo mini-jack input for incorporating additional sound sources.  Also included are a number of output options, including stereo analog RCA outputs, digital coaxial and optical outputs. You can use the CD-200BT for personal listening thanks to a front-panel 1/4″ headphone output with independent volume control. A remote control and rackmount kit are included.

The TASCAM CD-200BT includes a device selection capability that pairs it with several devices in advance, registering each one so that once it’s “acquainted” with those devices. You may easily switch to the one you want without having to configure it every time. Switching devices is as easy as switching songs, and the name of each device is saved so that the one playing back is displayed on the screen.


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