TASCAM DP-32SD 32-Track Digital Portastudio

TASCAM DP-32SD 32-Track Digital Portastudio

The TASCAM DP-32SD Digital Portastudio crams the power of a fully loaded DAW into a single piece of dependable hardware. The 32-channel DP-32SD tracks a whole band with eight independent input channels. A studio's worth of onboard effects, signal processors, and mastering tools offer you everything you need to perfect your recording.
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The Tascam DP-32SD 32-Track Digital Portastudio lets you record live without a computer thanks to its ability to track up to 8 sources at once and support for up to 32 tracks during playback. It has 8 combined XLR/TRS mic preamplifier inputs, the eighth of which also supports Hi-Z sources like bass and guitar. The unit contains 21 total faders (including the master) for direct control of your mix, as well as a number of EQ, compression, and guitar-based effects for fine-tuning your mix.

The DP-32SD allows you to record the entire band at once.  Each input of the DP-32SD Portastudio features an XLR-1/4″ combination jack, a microphone preamplifier, and phantom power for condenser microphones. Even if you use a few microphones on drums and a few more on guitars, there are still plenty of inputs available to record vocals.

TASCAM crammed a slew of studio-style capabilities inside the DP-32SD. Equalizers, compressors, and limiters are included. Built in guitar/amp-simulation engine gives true amplifier sound. Enhance your sound with reverb, chorus, and other effects. Furthermore, the powerful onboard mastering effects on the DP-32SD TASCAM Portastudio allow you to get the most out of your final mixes.

Why sift through long menus to find controls that should be obvious? TASCAM created the DP-32SD to be both powerful and straightforward to use. The DP-32SD’s straightforward master channel strip section provides direct control over channel EQ, pan, and send parameters. An easy-to-read color display that provides rapid feedback as you alter channel settings, effects, and processors, as well as dedicated buttons for all major recording operations.

Direct recording to SD and SDHC cards is supported. Additionally, the unit’s USB connector allows you to export your tracks to an external computer. Included are a USB cord, 2 GB SD card, and power supply.

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