TASCAM DR-07X Handheld Recorder with 2 Universal Electronics AA Batteries

TASCAM DR-07X Handheld Recorder with 2 Universal Electronics AA Batteries


The TASCAM DR-07X is a low-cost stereo portable digital audio recorder with a USB audio interface built in to the system. Dual inbuilt professional-quality condenser microphones on the DR-07X capture crystal-clear recordings. This recorder has omnidirectional stereo microphones with selectable X/Y or A/B capabilities, which are ideal for dictation, music and other applications.

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The TASCAM DR-07X is a small handheld recorder that can record two tracks of high-resolution audio without the use of external microphones. Its integrated unidirectional condenser microphones may be adjusted to A-B for a wide stereo effect or X-Y for a tight stereo image with minimum phase discrepancies. The DR-07X can handle everything from sample sessions and recitals to interviews and podcasts when used as a portable device or in stand- or camera-mounted settings. The DR-07X is a simple-to-use audio interface that may also be used as a USB audio interface.

When an input signal is identified, the DR-07X may begin recording automatically, and Peak Reduction technology protects against unexpected volume spikes. Overwrite Mode allows users to specify an exact Record drop-in time for replacement recording with one level of Undo, among other recording modes. Nondestructive Overdubbing is a technique for adding additional sounds to an existing recording without affecting the original file.

The TASCAM DR-07X delivers the functionality you need at a low price, whether you’re recording interviews, podcasts, or music. Includes 2 Universal Electronics AA Batteries.

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